Who we are

Based in Tokyo, Nous was founded in 2012 by a team of software, quantitative finance and trading experts with over 16 years experience in the financial markets. We aim to discover the next generation of trading talent using our unique application, Spark Profit.

Spark Profit

Specifically designed to provide an intuitive way for anyone to learn how to predict financial markets, Spark Profit is a unique app out of millions of others.

Not only is it one of the first free apps to pay the best players, helping to reach several orders of magnitude more people, opinions and experts than before, but it's also a complete reimagination of how trading can be conducted.

The easy to use interface and simple rules hide a very sophisticated set of incentives - incentives that help our traders be the best they can be, and provide us with thousands of quality predictions every hour.

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Spark Feed

Provides clients with the opportunity to enhance their trading with a unique real time sentiment feed built from our own global network of human predictors.

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Our beliefs

You'll often hear us talking about 'freeing the markets'. Innovation in technology can make this happen. By challenging convention, constantly innovating, and combining our expertise in technology and investment we can discover new talent and empower more people to earn money through the financial markets.